Mathematics is essential to many areas of everyday life. It is critical to science, technology and engineering and is necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment. A high-quality education in mathematics is therefore essential in order for children to succeed in life.

At Stobhillgate First School we believe all children can achieve well and develop a love for mathematics. We follow a Mastery curriculum which is ambitious, accessible to all and maximises the development of every child’s ability. It is a curriculum that is coherently planned and sequenced through a series of small, sequential steps and it offers both breadth and depth to all learners. It is also a curriculum that delivers creative and engaging lessons underpinned by the essential elements of a mastery teaching and learning approach. 

Through our mathematics curriculum, we want children to make rich connections between mathematical ideas, developing fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving problems. We also strive for all of our children to be able to confidently apply their mathematical knowledge and understanding to other subject areas. 

Most importantly however, we want the children of Stobhillgate First School to have a sense of enjoyment and curiosity towards mathematics and to have confidence in their ability as  this, we believe, will enable them to know more and remember more. 

Maths Progression Document