At Stobhillgate we are passionate about making Music.  In every single year group, children will learn to play a musical instrument.  These belong to our school, allowing pupils to pick up and practise all year through.  They will not only learn to play it but will have the purpose of performance to showcase their skills.  Developing their ability to sing with control and demonstrating musical techniques alongside musical knowledge will accompany their instrumental learning.  We aim for every child to feel musically confident to perform and to instil a love for a variety of musical styles.   Sharing music by learning as a whole class and by inviting parents and carers in to school for performances, means Music becomes part of our collaborative community, our vibe, our rhythm.

Whole School Music Overview

YearAutumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
1Instrumental Teaching - GlockenspielInstrumental Teaching - OcarinaSinging - 'I Wanna Be In A Band'
2Instrumental Teaching - RecorderInstrumental Teaching - RecorderSigned Singing
3Instrumental Teaching - DjembesInstrumental Teaching - DjembesBeat Boxing
4Instrumental Teaching - UkuleleInstrumental Teaching - UkuleleMusical Icons - Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Elton John

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